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Double Strap Compression
Double Strap Compression
Double Strap Compression

Double Strap Compression Elbow Sleeve (1 Piece)

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Get rid of those aches and pains and give yourself the comfort and support you need with this fully adjustable arm brace. Intentionally designed to provide consistent support throughout your elbow so that you can get through the day without any worries. Built with the finest and highest quality materials, this brace is guaranteed to improve your performance and overall wellbeing almost instantly. Its anti-slip properties make this the perfect choice for any and all sports and physical activities while it's breathability ensures supreme comfort every single time you strap it on. This strap is nothing like the typical irritating or uncomfortable sleeves that you may be used to. Its incredible design ensures you breathability, support, and comfort that you'll just have to see to truly believe.

Key Features:

  • High-quality premium materials that conform to your arm shape, guaranteeing you a personal and unique fit.
  • The materials are also extremely breathable too, so you can be sure you'll always be super comfortable.
  • Gives you a full range of motion while still providing ample support throughout the joint.
  • Consistent compression throughout the brace boosts blood circulation and increases recovery time & muscle repair.
  • The brace is designed to stay put during activity so you'll never have to worry about any unwanted slipping.

Brand Name:
Model Number: Elbow Pads
Material: Rubber, nylon
SportType: Multi-sport
Age: Adult
Size: 17.5cm X 60cm (L x W)
Color: black/red
Package: 1 item











Advanced Design & Construction

Designed with superior comfort and stability in mind, the advanced construction of our range of supports provides unrivalled stress relief and joint support. To prevent slippage during even the most strenuous exercise, our products are anatomically tailored for the perfect fit. Each support in our extensive range is optimised for extra stability, guiding your joints in to the correct motion and reducing injury-risk. Constructed for extended use during physical activity, perforated vents allow moisture to be wicked from the skin and effectively dissipated for maximum comfort. The high-quality, advanced materials add an extra layer of protection to the skin, whilst boosting circulation in vital areas; essential for peak-performance and injury-prevention.

Rehabilitation & Injury Prevention

Effective in the rehabilitation and prevention of a variety of joint and muscular injuries, our supports are ideal for use during any activity. The compression and insulation affects provided by the advanced materials work together to promote improved circulation and warm the muscles; both are essential for the recovery from and prevention of injury.

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