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Elbow Compression Brace + Additional Strap (1 Piece/Black)
Elbow Compression Brace + Additional Strap (1 Piece/Black)
Elbow Compression Brace + Additional Strap (1 Piece/Black)
Elbow Compression Brace + Additional Strap (1 Piece/Black)
Elbow Compression Brace + Additional Strap (1 Piece/Black)

Elbow Compression Brace + Additional Strap (1 Piece/Black)

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Relieve yourself of your constant elbow and forearm pain with this innovative brace from SIBOTE. Designed to provide you extreme comfort while simultaneously remaining completely breathable and incredibly supportive, it's almost certain that with this brace you can complete even the most difficult tasks without any discomfort or irritation. And to make things even better, this brace has an additional strap that you can adjust until you find the perfect fit for you. Once you slip this brace on, the anti-slip properties and moisture wicking fabrics make this one of the more comfortable products on the market today, ensuring you complete satisfaction as soon as you take it out of the box.

Key Features:

  • High-Quality materials that wrap and conform to your arm, guaranteeing you a one to one fit and an amazing premium feel.
  • Offers you the incredible support you need without hindering your range of motion or limiting your movement.
  • The constant yet comforting compression throughout the brace improves blood circulation and speeds up muscle recovery time.
  • The perfect choice for a variety of different sports and physical activities.
  • Enhanced breathable materials allow you to keep cool and comfortable the entire time.
  • The additional strap allows you to adjust and enhance the overall feel of the brace, making it tighter or more relaxed according to your specific preferences.

Brand Name: SIBOTE
Model Number: SBT61
Material: 68% nylon, 32% spandex
SportType: Multi-sport
Age: Adult
Size: M L XL
Color: green
Package: 1 item











Advanced Design & Construction

Designed with superior comfort and stability in mind, the advanced construction of our range of supports provides unrivalled stress relief and joint support. To prevent slippage during even the most strenuous exercise, our products are anatomically tailored for the perfect fit. Each support in our extensive range is optimised for extra stability, guiding your joints in to the correct motion and reducing injury-risk. Constructed for extended use during physical activity, perforated vents allow moisture to be wicked from the skin and effectively dissipated for maximum comfort. The high-quality, advanced materials add an extra layer of protection to the skin, whilst boosting circulation in vital areas; essential for peak-performance and injury-prevention.

Rehabilitation & Injury Prevention

Effective in the rehabilitation and prevention of a variety of joint and muscular injuries, our supports are ideal for use during any activity. The compression and insulation affects provided by the advanced materials work together to promote improved circulation and warm the muscles; both are essential for the recovery from and prevention of injury.

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