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The Basic Nutrition Rules for Improving General Health and Sports Performance

Nutritional habits help make long-lasting changes to your overall health. This should not be confused with diets alone because habits involve making the best decisions regarding food to initiate lifestyle changes that help meet your goals.

Meanwhile, a specific diet or style does not work for everyone because our body chemistry differs. Different goals must be set and a different fitness journey needs to be taken. We need to be more responsible when creating meal plans that work for a specific diet we want to achieve.

Justin Ochoa, the co-owner of PACE Fitness Academy, a personal trainer and a strength coach, shares the basic nutrition rules that can be applied along with your personal goals to help you attain the general health and sports performance level you want to achieve.

Consume Green Stuff and Eat it First

No, we are not talking about those green supplements on the market that ads are convincing you to spend your cash on. Nothing can ever replace the real green fruits and vegetables you put into your mouth.

Green foods are a good source of vitamins minerals and antioxidants. There are a number of greens you can choose from so make it a point to consume something green each time you eat.

And every time green fruits and vegetables are served on your plate, make it a point to consume it first before anything else. This reduces the chances of failing to finish your share of fruits and vegetables because you were full from consuming the other foods on your plate.

No More than 5 Ingredients

Okay, so, you wanted to get something easier to prepare like ready-to-eat packed food. When you do, make sure it has no more than 5 ingredients. It doesn’t matter if it’s in a bag, bottle, box, can, jar or wrapper. It boils down to a single idea: do not eat processed foods. Stick to foods with a single ingredient as much as possible.

Increase Water Intake

Water intake is self-explanatory. Our body needs water to continue functioning accordingly. You should be able to consume a gallon or 128 ounces of water every day.

This sounds to be a challenging task to do every day. But more people try to challenge themselves to meet their water consumption goals, even reaching to a point where they try to consume a bottle of water for every hour throughout the day.

Your water consumption might seem simple, but it can make big differences in the long-run and you wouldn’t even notice how it has gradually changed your health.

The abovementioned information delivered doesn’t require sports science to be easier to understand. All you need is discipline to let you stick to these tasks until they eventually become habits that cannot be broken. We are, after all, talking about health and wellness. So, none of us would ever want to take that risk and ignore our body’s needs especially when we are talking about hydration.



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