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Sports and Building Fat – Is there a Link?

Love attending sports events at the arena? The sports arena is known to be one of the places that harbour growing weight issues because of the limited number of health food options offered during event seasons. A recent research shows that sporting events can affect the eating habits of Australians. 75% of sports spectators consume foods that are considered to be unhealthy.

In a report commissioned by a food retailer, Sushi Sushi, they have revealed that 74% of Australians believe that sporting venues should have the responsibility to offer healthier options. Meanwhile, 27% of Australians say that they would attend more sporting events if fresh and healthy foods will be offered.

When Unhealthy Food at the Sports Venue is Unavoidable

While getting healthy foods and snacks at sports venues may not be possible for now, there are a number of ways to help you stay healthy when attending events at the stadium.

Some attendees prefer to eat a filling and nutritious meal prepared and cooked at home before heading for the event. This is both practical and healthy because it prevents you from splurging on high fat options.

While some stadiums do not allow attendees to bring food, you can pack your own snacks like some fruit or trail mix for those cravings. When opting to buy food at the venue, check out all the available options instead of settling for just the regular hotdogs and burgers. Pick out the healthiest possible options such as fruit salads, corn cobs, sandwiches or even plain popcorn. And if all else fails and you would still end up having a burger to satiate your hunger, share it with a friend instead of devouring it alone. It’s an opportunity to sample the food for a fraction of the calories.

Be sure to stay hydrated. There are water fountains stationed around the venue so it is best to pack our own bottle with you so you can refill regularly for free. But if you prefer to add some hype to your drinks, bring low-sugar options like wine or beer instead of pre-mixed concoctions.

While at the venue, be sure to get up and move around. Do not stay stagnant on your seat and make sure to take a regular stroll around the area. It gives you an opportunity to do light exercises without any machine or equipment typically used at home or at the gym.



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