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How Do Compression Garments Help In Improving Your Posture?

Compression clothing - most of us don’t know how effective it is in improving our posture. These are often made out of a blend of nylon and spandex and are engineered to provide the wearer a strong and athletic appearance. These are stretchable and thus help us maintain a specific stance and structure. Compression garments have also been used in the medical field for years to enhance the recovery speed of torn muscles and aching joints.

You must have heard your dad calling out to you, “Shoulders back and put your chin up, and no slouching your back.” These are the mechanics of a good posture and no matter how much we see or observe our dad or older brother practice this stance; we can’t get it in our body due to some reason. This is owing to the fact that everyone is unique. Some studies even suggest that not everyone’s backbone or spine is the same. We all have different curvatures and thus develop different postures and stances as we grow.

It is for this purpose that there is a growing demand and need for compression garments that are meant to contract the muscles and bring them together in correct alignment. These also support our skeletal system, thus enabling us to become stronger and healthier. Did you know that a growing number of major league sports persons be it in baseball, basketball football or any other sport wear compression garments

and sleeves to support their posture and stance?

This is true, many popular sports personalities and power lifters get help from ultra-tight T-shirts that are useful in compressing muscles. These type knee compression sleeves or  t-shirts are often and so rightly described as a "second skin." They are especially designed in collaboration with medical experts to promote proper spinal alignment and in many cases help prevent muscular injuries. The most common among them are shoulder or rotator cuff pain, elbow stiffness, lower back pain and knee injuries.

A powerful and strong physical posture results in not just superficial changes or improvements in your appearance but also in your performance. Nature has created man to stand up straight. With our modern habits and lifestyles though, we spend a lot of our time hunched over a computer or sitting in a car, or performing any other chore that makes our bodies unhealthy and majorly slumped.

What a good posture does is that it makes you feel your best physically and psychologically every day. And the best part of it is that the results are immediate.
A good posture:

  • Encourages optimal organ and muscle function
  • Improves biomechanics of our body to attain best possible muscle performance
  • Helps in pain and fatigue minimization
  • Improves concentration and mental focus
  • Gets us a flatter and stronger stomach
  • Lends us a confident and youthful appearance



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