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Do Compression Sleeves Help With Muscle Recovery

How Compression Helps Muscle Recovery

Many people have asked about the importance of compression when performing daily activities, when working out or when doing sports. Some experts say compression is important in providing support or preventing injuries. Injuries are very common among people with active lifestyles and are always on the go. That is why some people invest in what they think is a good compression tool that they can use on occasions when they need extra support if not on a daily basis.

But did you know that compression is also helpful in muscle recovery? Recent researches suggest that compression sleeves are helpful in many ways particularly in recovery. Whether it is recovery from consistent strains on the muscle, previous or current injuries, compression can bring tons of benefits in muscle recovery.

Compression and the Muscles

If you usually perform vigorous exercise, chances are you experience harsher pain. The pain is from damage caused by the repetitive contraction and relaxation of the muscles. Previous researches have shown that compression aids muscle recovery and is even beneficial in accelerating repair. How? The cellular membrane turnover is affected by the compression. It reverses muscle inflammation after immediately after performing an activity or exercise. This means that compression boosts weak and fatigued muscles’ recovery at a greater rate.

Aiding Recovery from Injuries

Meanwhile, persistent injuries or injuries that take a lot of time to heal are caused by continuous strain to the muscle even in its injured state. It is every gym trainee and athlete’s worst nightmare because it limits movement and the ability to perform is reduced. Compression is helpful in recovering from injuries faster because it restricts the contraction and relaxation of the muscles that improve recovery rate.

Boosting Blood Circulation

Blood circulation is an important factor in reducing fatigue when lifting that dumbbell or running laps. Compression is also efficient in improving blood circulation and decreasing oxygen consumption which is essential to boosting recovery as well. It reduces the amount of energy the body consumes because it limits the contraction and relaxation extent. This means lower oxygen amount consumed for the same activity. Contrary to what we may know about ‘compression’ where it may mean ‘restricted’, compression sleeves also help in assisting blood flow through the arteries. It dilates the arteries at a certain level of compression. It helps maintain your natural arm shape which aids circulation while performing exercises.

Psychological Effects of Compression Sleeves

Wearing compression sleeves also pose psychological effects to the user. It boosts your mindset that you are experiencing little to almost no fatigue while you wear them. If the brain feels less pain, the body also feels it has less fatigue and pain it needs to recover from. Surprisingly, it significantly improves the body’s recovery process.

While compression is not proven to be beneficial in on-field performance, it is known to provide assistance in recovery that may potentially affect user’s on-field performance. But we can say that it is an important tool for both beginner and advanced athletes or gym trainees.



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