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Reasons To Pick An Ankle Compression Sleeve Today

Previously compression garments and sleeves for ankles and knees and elbows were only found on the limbs of diabetics and airplane pilots. Slowly they found place on the arms and legs of athletes and now compression socks, tights and pants and even those dull colored compression sleeves and shorts are considered a cool thing. It seems like overnight they have found place in the cupboards and wardrobes of plenty of runners, weightlifters, gym freaks and athletes. Even many reputed sports personalities are seen wearing these garments quite frequently. Ankle or knee compression sleeves help you improve your performance and this is perhaps the number one reason these are getting so popular in the first place. Today in the race of...

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The Link between Exercise and the Brain

Exercise or physical activities are known to keep the body healthy and in shape; however, are you aware that exercise is also very helpful in enhancing the brain’s function? Evidence from studies conducted show that exercise is actually good for the brain for a number of reasons. This includes lowering the risk for Alzheimer’s disease and decreasing brain aging process by about a decade. Today, scientists and researchers found evidence that exercise improves brain health. Studies Provide Sufficient Proof on the Benefits of Exercise to the Brain The British Journal of Sports Medicine help published a research review which involves examining 39 studies regarding exercise and cognitive abilities. The study involved people aged 50 and above. They were able to...

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Be The Best Version Of Yourself With Calf Compression

Calf Compression sleeves for pain? Not that you haven’t heard of them but did you know that these can actually be your best friend? This is true in your situation if you are a truly dedicated sports enthusiast. Quite frankly it can work for you even if you are just a weekend warrior. There is a fairly good reason why you should choose these handy little compression aids for your calves. These were created in the first place as a part of functional clothing. They were first available in the market to help athletes and power lifters with their knee injuries and also to ward off or prevent any new ones. Major Benefits Of Calf Compression Sleeves As a regular...

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Choose Compression Sleeves To Reduce Tendonitis Symptoms

  Knee compression sleeves are not what they used to be up until a decade ago. These are perfect for people suffering from tendonitis as they provide support and warmth to your joints. Yes, compression knee sleeves are designed to protect your joints from future injury or any potential risks of damage when you are lifting weights and working out hard on calisthenics and/or preparing for a marathon run in the city. Tendonitis is the inflammation of your tendons. It happens due to overuse or injury of your tendons during sport.  Why Are Knee Compression Sleeves For Knees So Effective In Tendonitis? These advanced knee sleeves are of valuable assistance to hardcore gym goers and athletes who suffer from tendonitis....

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The Basic Nutrition Rules for Improving General Health and Sports Performance

Nutritional habits help make long-lasting changes to your overall health. This should not be confused with diets alone because habits involve making the best decisions regarding food to initiate lifestyle changes that help meet your goals. Meanwhile, a specific diet or style does not work for everyone because our body chemistry differs. Different goals must be set and a different fitness journey needs to be taken. We need to be more responsible when creating meal plans that work for a specific diet we want to achieve. Justin Ochoa, the co-owner of PACE Fitness Academy, a personal trainer and a strength coach, shares the basic nutrition rules that can be applied along with your personal goals to help you attain the...

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